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CSC Board Nomination Form

Note: Form will be monitored by staff



I would like to nominate the following person to a committee of the Board of Governors:

Share any observations you have about the candidate in these areas:

  • Spiritual maturity (known for their devotion to Jesus Christ, reliance on the Holy Spirit, engagement with the Bible, love for and discipleship of others, and sharing their faith)
  • Good character and emotional maturity (history of being faithful to commitments, able to take ownership of mistakes, able to rise above their own agenda and look out for the interest of others, collaborative with others, etc.)
  • History of active involvement within the Church (as evidenced by regular attendance, a record of giving, active volunteering in at least one ministry area, and participation in a small group or missional community)
  • Professional qualifications, skills, talents, etc. that would make them a good fit for a board committee