Events & Classes

His Beloved

clock 6:30 PM
location Central

Winter session dates Tuesday nights Jan 9 - Apr 23, 6:30-8:30pm

Registration cost: $10 for the semester. 

Materials needed: please bring your Bible. No other books are needed. Handouts and questions are provided each week. Each class includes personal study, as well as group discussion. Homework (reading the Bible and meditating on the Scriptures by answering questions) is strongly encouraged but not required.

Class 1: the Book of Acts

Facilitator: Pierrette Morin


 Do you like adventure?

 Do you like challenges?

Have you ever felt shipwrecked, either physically or mentally?

Have you ever felt lost, not knowing where you are?

The Book of Acts is all about that, and more.

This session includes teaching and group discussion. Study sheets are provided. A Bible is required.

Class 2: The Knowledge of the Holy 


A book study by A.W. Tozer. Please purchase a copy of the book, available from Indigo and Amazon, to read and discuss

Class 3: the Parables of Jesus


What exactly is a parable and where are they found in the Bible? What is the purpose of a parable? The parables of Jesus embody much of His fundamental teachings. As we seek the knowledge of His message through Scripture, we can become more familiar with His ways and how we may apply them to our lives. This session includes guided discussion. Question sheets are provided. A Bible is required.

Class 4: Know Your Bible


An overview of the New Testament, each week we will discuss a New Testament book, its major themes, what the Spirit is saying, and how we can build the lessons into our character and lives. A Bible is needed, handouts will be provided.