Events & Classes

Rules of Engagement

clock 8:00 AM
location Central

Date: Saturdays 8:00 am, starting September 23, 2023

There are 7 areas in a man’s life to learn and master. Master them and you have mastered manhood. We can all accomplish this, and God expects us to. Spiritual, family, social, financial, career, physical, andmental. Master them...... master life. This does not promise you wealth, health, or influence. It promises you more; an understanding of God resulting in a peace; a serenity and a certainty in life and about life. Be discipled by men who are not perfect but do understand the Rules of Engagement. We will be honest, brutally honest about ourselves, our shortcomings, and about God’s redeeming changes in our lives. If you do not have your life together, we want you! Let us walk these 7 areas together and master life as God has meant for us to do.

Every man wants to finish strong, but few do. A finisher is rare. We are allowed, NO, we are expected to finish well and to know it, as the apostle Paul did. Men, there is hope for all pf us, you are not alone. Let us walk through this learning process TOGETHER!