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A Prayer for Afghanistan

August 30, 2021

A Prayer for Afghanistan

These last few weeks have been very confusing for many of us as we have seen devastation in 2 countries specifically. First in Haiti with their political upheaval and then their earthquake. Then this past week in Afghanistan. It has left many of us asking God why these things are happening, and then how we can do something. As a church, we are constantly assessing how we can partner with those on ground in these countries to bring help and hope. We know that as a family of God, the one thing we can do immediately and consistently, is pray and intercede for both our family of Christ in these countries and also those who still don’t have the hope of the gospel. So today, our church is praying. Would you join your hearts with us in prayer as we go to the Lord for these people:

Sovereign Lord, You are the King over everything, and all powerful over our entire universe. You are greater and mightier than any government and any natural disaster. We come to you now, unified in our hearts and ask you to hear our prayer. We want to intercede for the people of Haiti and Afghanistan. Lord, would you please give boldness and safety to our brothers and sisters in both countries. Would you help their faith to become greater in these times and meet all of their needs. Would you also come alive in the lives of those who still don’t know you in both countries. Come to them any way you can so that they might know the hope that comes through Jesus. Lord, for those trying to escape these situations, would you please give them options and success to find the place you want them to be. Finally Lord, would you constantly remind us to pray for them throughout the next weeks. Remind us of their struggle and cause us to pray. Then Lord, help us to know how to act in accordance with your will. We ask all of these things with confident hope in Your power and in the name of Your Son being raised high in Haiti and Afghanistan. Amen.

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