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South Africa in Crisis. Pray with us.

July 15, 2021

South Africa in Crisis. Pray with us.

Please join us in prayer for South Africa and our CSC Partners in the area. The nation was plunged into chaos last weekend after the former president was arrested. Thousands are rioting, looting the streets and causing mass destruction. Shops and businesses have been shut down in the area. Those causing this chaos are trying to bring the country to a halt, calling for an uprising to “make the country ungovernable” unless the former president is released from prison. The violence is concentrated in the KZN province, where our partner church and agencies are located. Pastor Gareth from one of our partner churches told us that “today was the worst day I’ve ever lived through,” in reference to the first day of rioting and looting. Our partners have been meeting online for prayer and support and reaching out to families affected or at risk.

We share this because we believe in the power of prayer. Please take a few moments today to pray for peaceful restoration and order, protection for the staff and families of our partners, and a halt to the destruction of buildings and property. Pray also for the leadership of South Africa.

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