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Who are the 'less-fortunate'?

June 09, 2023

Who are the

I felt God calling me to go to Africa a few years ago but I ended up cancelling. The truth is, I was afraid to go. I felt it would be overwhelming to see all the poverty and I didn’t think my going would really make a difference. I thought, "Even if I go, I will never be able to help the people with their many needs." I must admit, I have been guilty of thinking “Where is God?” when I think of the majority world (previously referred to as the developing world).

This past May I felt God calling me to go to Africa again. I joined a team with Samaritan's Purse to build BioSand water filters in Bomet, Kenya. Never before have I been so far from home and yet felt so close to God. Although the material needs of the people in Bomet are great, it is evident that they are richly blessed. The new friends we made in Kenya prayed and worshipped with all of their hearts. They valued family and community but put their greatest value on loving the Lord. As a result, the fruits of kindness and joy were abundant in their lives.

God didn’t call me to go “fix” or “solve” Africa’s problems. He allowed me the blessing of helping even though He is more than capable of doing that Himself. He called me to go in order to show me that I don’t need more material things—I need more of Him. He called me to step out in faith so my faith would be strengthened. God showed me He IS in Africa-- and all parts of the world. I used to ask, “where is God?” but now I see Him everywhere. I now believe the “less fortunate” are not those without possessions who live far away. The less fortunate are people I come across everyday who don’t know God. I want everyone to know the joy of knowing Jesus—He is our greatest need!

-Sherry Morton

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